I’m a second-year lab manager at Duke University (also my alma mater) in the lab of Dr. Tobias Egner. Before then I worked with Dr. Scott Huettel, my undergraduate thesis supervisor, and before that with Dr. M. Zachary Rosenthal.

I’m generally interested in attention, which is fun since attention is already a pretty broad term. I’m currently studying the relationship between internal and external attention, for example do they oscillate similarly if at all and does attending to both simultaneously change these underlying rhythms.

I’ve also become interested in causality and am working on projects with Dr. Paul Henne and Kevin O’Neill. My first two recent projects to date have tested the reconfiguration of attentional task sets and, in terms of consumer psychology, the relationship between the size of one’s budget and their willingness to purchase consumer goods.

I really like to code and especially in Python and R. You can view a few of my projects here, here, and here. I’ve implemented novel temporal pattern analyses in eye-tracking with R, and generally I have experience with eye-tracking and, more recently, fMRI. Humble brag- I’ve won a few Duke-wide writing awards, which you can read here and here, and been a finalist for a third.